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If you have experienced an injury or suffer from disability, our social security disability lawyers in Bristol, VA and Kingsport, TN will help you find financial stability. At Arrington Schelin & Munsey, P.C., we understand the social security legal process may prove complicated and trying. We’ll stick by your side every step of the way.

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Are you eligible for social security disability? We’ll help you find out. We understand that to be considered disabled under the Social Security Disability Rules, you must have a physical or mental injury, impairment, or condition that prevents you from working for one year or longer. Dependent upon your age, the injury must prevent you from performing the work you’ve performed before (this includes work you’ve completed within the last 15 years).

Some people experience minor disabilities that don’t actually prevent them from performing their previous work. If this is the case, you may not be eligible for social security disability. If you can’t adjust your work to fit with your limitations, you may be eligible for social security disability.

We’ll help you navigate through the claims process. Although the legal process is complicated and time consuming, we have the tools and training to make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. If you’ve applied and are initially denied benefits, we won’t quit. We’ll help you appeal to ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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At Arrington Schelin & Munsey, P.C., we treat every client with respect. We take an individualized approach to our services and will meet with you to answer your questions and concerns. Once we’ve evaluated your claim and discussed your options, our team will take the necessary steps to help you receive social security disability.

If you want to meet with a social security disability attorney in Bristol, VA, take advantage of our free consultations and call us at 800-336-4062 today.

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